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NanoMicro Technologies

Innovative Microsphere Technology for Better Performance

  • Silica Chromatography Media
  • Polymer Chromatography Resins
  • Columns
  • Microspheres For In Vitro Diagnosis
  • Microspheres For Optoelectronics

NanoChrom Technologies

Better Separation Through Innovation, Quality and Service

  • BioCore columns for separating biologics
  • DNACore columns for separating oligonucleotides¬†
  • ChromCore columns for separating small molecules
  • ChiralCore columns for separating enantiomers
  • SelectCore products for sample preparation

Sepure Instruments

Reputation In Good Faith, Quality First
- Technology Creates Future

  • Laboratory chromatography systems
  • Product grade chromatography systems
  • Chromatography columns and packing
  • Instrument accessories
  • SGC chromatography workstations
  • Agent products
  • High performance liquid chromatography

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Nano Separation Products (NSP)

103 Sandy Drive Ste 101, Newark, DE 19713

Tel: 1-302-648-3467

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